Amado Caride Ramos

Category: Painter and designer
Birth Date: 11st April 1945
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)
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He studied Primary Education and the first year at the Technical School in Vigo. He studied art as an autodidact in Vigo with Ernesto Bao, Illescas, Secundino Diz, Granell and Ilarri. He collaborated in the department of Design and Painting at 'Álvarez', a factory of porcelain in Cabral - Vigo, with Mr. Fuentes, Rosemary, Mariano, Augusto, Piñeiro and Mercedes. Together with Isidro Palacios, Raúl, Agustín and José Piñeiro, he worked at 'Palacios' Advertising in Vigo for several years. Nowadays, he works for the firm 'GRAFINSA Gráficas del Noroeste, Ltd.' in Vigo as creative director in the design department, focussing on packaging design and advertising and collaborating and designing for brands such as 'Licor del Polo', 'Mac Donald's', 'Garavilla', 'Rianxeira', 'Connorsa', 'Nabisco', 'Escurís', 'Star', 'Petit Navire', 'Calvo'...

 Work & Activities

He was a member of the firms 'ADGFAD' and 'ICOGRADA' (Barcelona) as well as the Association of Galician Designers. For his design and artistic activities, he used many materials in different specialities such as nib, paintbrush, pencil, wax, oil, watercolour, inks, smalts, pigments on pottery, airbrush and computers.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He got several prizes for poster, photography, brochures and packaging.