Alicia Alonso Fernández

Pseudonym: Alicia Alonso
Category: Painter
Birth Date: 2nd February 1945
Birth Place: A Garda (Pontevedra)

Since she was a child, she had a vocation for Painting. In spite of the difficult times and her woman condition, she made her way as an autodidact. Although she goes away from folklore, her painting is figurative and deals with themes of customs and manners,. She has reflected the rural and marine environment focussing on living scenes, surprising people in their works, pilgrimages and loneliness. From the technical point of view, we can see accuracy in her painting as well as vitality in her impasto by means of multiple superposed, soft and clean layers.

 Work & Activities

These are some of her most important works: Argaceiras and Faenando (both of them can be found at the 'Consellería de Pesca' of the Xunta de Galicia in Santiago), the poster Fillos do mar (in the Cultural Centre of A Garda), the altarpiece in the Chapel of the Convent of Benedictine Sisters in Trasmañó (Redondela) and the poster Mulleres, where she elaborated a deep woman's psychological study about women in loneliness and survival. Among her most important pictures, we can mention Os contos da avóa, O monicreque, Lendo o Xornal, A Garda, Home lobo, Agarimo and Piedade.

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 1984, she founded a theatre company. She also founded the group of painters called 'Impas', which nowadays is totally consolidated. In 1980, she published a book of paintings, Apuntes para unha historia, which is a collection of 70 paintings about her native town.