Alfonso Ortega Casasnovas

Category: Sportsman
Birth Date: 3rd August 1930
Birth Place: Ribadavia (Ourense)

He was a national long-distance athletics trainer. From 1957 to 1961, he was the president of the Association of Athletics Judges. He was the first technical director of the Galician Athletics Federation. He was national responsible for long-distance athletics at the Spanish Athletics Federation (1966-1972), for marathon (1973-1980) and cross-country running (1989-1998). Since 1999, he has been national coordinator of long-distance athletics at the Spanish Athletics Federation. During the seasons 1967-68 and 1968-69, he was the trainer at the club 'Real Club Celta de Vigo'. From 1961 to 1992, he was the trainer of the Athletics 'Real Club Celta'. Since 1992, he has been technical director of the 'New Balance' Athletics Club. He was the official trainer of the Spanish Athletics Federation in the Olympic Games in Mexico, Munich and Atlanta. He has been a member of 'Celta' Foundation since it was founded. He was an athlete of the 'Real Club Celta de Vigo' during the seasons 1949-50 and 1950-51. He was Spanish long-jump champion on two occasions. He was international on 46 occasions as trainer at the Spanish Athletics Federation. Many athletes he trained took part in the Olympic Games, World and Europe Championships and other international ones. Some of the athletes he trained got medals and several championships such as: -a gold and a bronze medal at the University Cross Championships. -three gold medals and a bronze medal in the European Championships. -three gold, two silver and four bronze medals in the Mediterranean Games. -a silver and a bronze medal in Latin American Championships. -68 gold, 29 silver and 45 bronze medals in Spanish Championships. -gold and brilliant decoration awarded by the 'Real Club Celta de Vigo'.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Alfonso Ortega also got the following prizes: -National Prizes 'Race Technique' and 'Hurdle Technique', awarded by the National School of Trainers. -In 1970, he got 'Citizen' Prize to the promising trainer, awarded by the Spanish Athletics Federation. -In 1970, he also got 'Estímulo' Prize, awarded by the National School of Athletics Trainers. -In 1970 and 1971, he got honourable mentions at the Association of Sports Journalists in Vigo.