Alfonso Blanco Torrado

Category: Priest and cultural activist
Birth Date: 15th March 1950
Birth Place: Montevideo


He studied the ecclesiastical career in Santiago and at the Pontifical University in Salamanca, taking an active part on the student movements in both cities. Since 1976, he has worked in several parishes in Guitiriz both in the social and cultural fields. He teaches Religion at the Secondary School of Guitiriz. Within the social work, we must stand out the recovery of the Sanctuary of 'Nosa Señora das Bascuas', which has been turned into a Museum of Art and Religious Culture. He supervises the magazines of the cultural association 'Xermolos': 'Guieiros', 'Cadernos' and 'Revista Xermolos'.

 Work & Activities

He writes for several magazines such as 'Irimia' and 'Encrucillada'. In 1976, he founded a cultural association in Guitiriz, later called 'Xermolos', carrying out many cultural activities: School of Traditional Music, School for Stonemasons, 'Revista Xermolos', 'Cuadernos de temas etnográficos', 'Xermolos' Public Library, etc. He was the founder of 'Pardiñas' Festival (1980), the festivity 'Feira e Festa da Música e da Arte' and Painting, Sculpture and Photography Prizes. He coordinates 'X. M. Díaz Castro' Sociocultural Association and 'Manuel María' Foundation.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He got 'Anxel Fole' Essay Prize for his work Xosé María Castro. A Ascension dun poeta, 'IAR' Folklore Prize, 'Moncho Valcárcel' Prize, and Solidariedade 2002 Prize.