Alberte Xullo Rodríguez Feixóo

Category: Lawyer and politician
Birth Date: 24th April 1954
Birth Place: Barcelona
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His parents were emigrants. He took a degree in Law and studied European Communitary Law in Strasbourg. Since 1979, he has been working as a labour lawyer in Lugo. He promoted the creation of the only Galician union head office and worked as a lawyer for the trade unions 'INTG' and 'CXTG'. He coordinated the research commission of the 'Casón' going aground, defending the rights of the workers of 'ALUMINA' and the conflict for the removal of toxic drums. He has been a member of the 'BNG' National Council and Standing Committee. He has been a member of the Galician Parliament since 1989, being nominated as vice-president of the Commission of the Statute of Deputies. He is also on the General Committee of the Commission aboaut the repercussion of Drugs Traffic.