Alberte Suras

Category: Writer
Birth Date: 16th july 1956
Birth Place: Montevideo (Uruguai)
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Alfredo Suárez Figueiras studied Chemistry and Computing in Santiago, Madrid and A Coruña. He has been a member of the Association of Writers in Galician Language (AELG) since 1992, teacher of Computer Systems (1988) and computer programmer at the Calculus Centre of A Coruña County Council (1982). Since 2000 he has been working as a teacher at the Computing Department of Fernando Wirtz School in A Coruña. He got the radio professional card (1976).

During his stage in Madrid he shared microphone with Antonio Bravo (Cadena Ser, 1977) and also placed a small role in Clímax (1977), a film directed by Francisco Lara Polop and music by Vainica Doble. In this city, he became friend of Xosé Manuel Pereiro (long conversations about Galician language abroad, poetry, journalism...) and Juan Afán Muñoz.  In A Coruña he also made a programme (Voo Musical, 1979) with a section devoted to Galician music (Benedicto, Bibiano, Miro Casabella...). He also promotes cultural and poetic projects in the web.

He worked in computerization design and implementation of the Provincial Library of A Coruña (1984-1987) in collaboration with Professors José María García Rubio and Tomás Jiménez García of the University of Murcia, where they direct the Area of Computing Technologies and Applied Communications (ATICA). During his stay in Lugo (1989-2000) he became friend of Manuel Celso Matalobos, Darío Xohán Cabana, Lois Diéguez and Manuel María, who he always admired and considered as his disciple. In A Coruña he shared a literary circle with Felipe Senén, Henrique Rabuñal, Xabier P. Docampo and Luisa Villalta. He has participated in many lectures and poetry reading: Recital homenaxe a Antón Avilés de Taramancos (R.R. Artesanos - A Coruña, 1992) and Recital homenaxe a Eduardo Pondal 75 Cabodano (Ponteceso, 1992). He collaborates in several newspapers and magazines (A Nosa Terra, O Progreso, Latricadas, A Jillotina...).

 Work & Activities

He wrote Latexos do vento (1992), A Coruña á luz das letras (2008, collective book), Olladas dun intre de amor (2009) and Vivir un soño repetido (2011, collective book).

He also wrote the poems Man  ergueita  sobre  meixela  dourada  (2008) and  hABIa vinte e tres xeitos de dicir o teu nome (2011).

As a playwright, he wrote Vaiche boa lúa polo carreiro da illa (2010). He is also the author of Contos e flores (2008) and A roseira dunha pega rabilonga (2008) (virtual didactic units applied to education). He is also working in the recuperation of expressions and words of the area of Bergantiños within ‘Palabras con Memoria’, a project of the AELG (Association of Writers in Galician Language).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded the poetry prize organized by the City Council of Malpica (1980), Webescolas-Iespana National Prize (2001) and was finalist of Illas Sisargas Poetry Prize (2007).