Adolfo Abel Vilela

Category: Historian and writer
Birth Date: 13th June 1946
Birth Place: Lugo
Telephone: 982231059

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He made technical and humanistic studies in Lugo, Santiago and Madrid. He took a degree in Applied Arts (ceramics speciality), Geography and History (Modern and Contemporary Art Section). He also took his doctor's degree in Geography and History. He works as Geology and Biology teacher at a Secondary School in Lugo. He is a member of the Spanish Academy of History. He was the provincial delegate of the 'Consellerías de Cultura, Educación and Cultura and Cultura and Bienestar Social'. He was also Director General of Linguistic Policy.

 Work & Activities

He published seventeen books and collaborated in other ten with other authors. He also wrote many articles and gave lectures about artistic, historical and anthropological themes, which were published in specializad magazines. Adolfo Abel wrote the following books: 1972.- Origen de las edificaciones adosadas a la muralla de Lugo, 1ª edición. 1974.- 2ª edición. 1975.- 200 años de obras y restauraciones en la muralla de Lugo. 1975.- De la Constitución de 1837 al derrocamiento del sistema tributario. 1975.- Guía de las murallas romanas de Lugo. 1981.- El Bimilenario. 1981.- Cousas de Lugo, 1. 1984.- Cousas de Lugo, 2. 1985.- 50 años de Formación Profesional en Lugo. 1995.- Pacios, pintor e escultor. 1996.- Arquitectura y urbanismo en Lugo, Arquitectura del período isabelino y de la restauración. 1983.- Personajes reales en Lugo. 1996.- Guía de la muralla romana de Lugo. 1998.- Manuel Abelenda (1889-1957). 1999.- Arquitectura y urbanismo en Lugo. La plaza Mayor. 1999.- La Pompa funeral y festiva como exaltación del poder.