Alberto Berguer Sández

Pseudonym: Tito
Category: Doctor
Birth Date: 21st November 1944
Birth Place: A Coruña
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- Head of the Maxillary and Facial Surgery Service of the Clinical Hospital in Madrid. - Professor at Complutense University in Madrid. - Ex-president of the Spanish Society of Maxillary and Facial Surgery. - Ex-president of the National Committee of Maxillary and Facial Surgery. - Ex-president of the School Medical Organization. - Ex-president of the permanent committee of European Medical Organization. - Ex-expert in Medical Formation of the European Union. - Ex-expert of the European Union in specialized doctors in Maxillary and Facial Surgery. - Certificate of Hospital Management. - Ex-professor at the School of Hospital Management (Ministry of Health). - Specialist in Stomatology, Maxillary and Facial Surgery and Plastic Surgery. - Doctor's degree in Medicine and Surgery and stomatologist. - Certificate of business management (Centre of Business Studies). - Director of the 'Berger' Clinic.

 Work & Activities

He gave 21 specialized courses and attended other 54 ones. He gave lectures and published over 150 scientific works, over 30 books and 6 monographs. He is a member of eleven scientific societies, scientific adviser at 'Kovacs' foundation, member of the Fund of Sanitary Investigations of the Social Security, advisor at five scientific magazines and health adviser at the newspaper Diario 16.

 Other Interesting Aspects

- Silver medal, awarded by the Doctor's Association in A Coruña. - Knight of the Order of the Monastery of Yuste. - Collaborator in the newspapers La Voz de Galicia and Diario 16. - He directed the radio programme 'Cortar por lo sano' for three years in 'Radio Voz'. - He is a board member of the association 'O loxe Mareiro de Fontán'.