Xosé Manuel Barreira Díaz

Birth Date: 26th May 1960
Birth Place: A Fonsagrada (Lugo)
Telephone: +34981528200
Fax: +34981557402
Correo electrónico: 
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He has been director general of Filmax Entertainment in Galicia since January 2004. He directed the audiovisual section of Voz de Galicia Corporation (2000-2003), he was the communication and foreign relations director of PAD, S.A., (PRODUÇÃO DE ACTIVIDADES DESPORTIVAS) in Lisbon (1998-2000), manager director of FILIGRANA DIFUSIÓN, S.L. (1996-2000), head of production and producer on Galician TV (1985-1996) and delegate of the pharmaceutical firm SANOFI in A Coruña (1984). He also worked at the commercial department of the firm SAEZ MERINO, S.A. in Valencia (1982-1984) and attended an EAVE master in cinema and TV production (1993/94) and a course for journalists at the CENTER FOR FOREIGN JOURNALISTS, Reston (Virginia, USA) in 1992, including teaching practice at the CNN International in Atlanta, Washington and Miami. In 1981-82, he worked at the business school of Caixa Galicia. He also attended several courses and seminars on audiovisual production and collaborated in masters at A Coruña, Porto and Oviedo Universities as well as ‘O Raio Verde’ School in Santiago de Compostela and the Cinema School in Madrid.