Xosé Luís Otero Cebral

Pseudonym: Fonte de Cervos
Category: Writer
Birth Date: 28th January 1957
Birth Place: Vilouriz, Toques (A Coruña)


In 1990, he picked up the oral tradition in Bergantiños and A Ulloa, making historical and ethnographical video films. His articles can be found in newspapers such as La Voz de Galicia (Bergantiños) and El Progreso and in the magazines 'Benvido San Xoán', 'San Xoán', 'Pomba Dourada de Carballo'... He took part in poetry readings as for example 'Twenty-four hours of poetry' in A Coruña, lectures and Radio and TV programmes. He was a member of the editorial staff of 'A Forxa' and 'Fillos/as de Cabana' Foundation in 1999 at the proposal of the entire corporation of Cabana (Bergantiños). He has some unpublished works about Ethnography. His book Fontes e santuarios de Cabana was reference for X. M. Varela when he wrote the guide Cabana de Bergantiños.

 Work & Activities

In his book Poemas sen tempo (1993), he reflects customs and manners. In O carro en Galicia (1994), he chooses the cart ('carro') as the device which best shows the historical, social, collective and ethnographic Galicia. In Os sons da alba (1996), he speaks about the individual in his values of freedom, peace and union. Together with Casal, he makes a complete description of the village Oleiros in his book Oleiros, o paraíso descuberto (1997). In Poemas para A Ulloa (1998), he describes heritage, history and transmissions of the area of A Ulloa. In 1999, he took part in the publication of the book about the naïve painter Manuel Lema Otero.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He coordinated school works that were rewarded by Pontevedra's Museum and school radio programmes of the 'Consellería de Educación'. He was finalist at the second edition of 'Irmandade do libro' Prizes (1992) and 'Otero Pedrayo' Prize (1993). He won the contest 'Vir Fluvius' (1995), the folklore competition 'Iar' (1994 and 1996) and the journalism contest 'Vila de Vilalba' in 1998. He got the first prize at the sixth edition of 'Xohán de Requeixo' Poetry Contest for his work Os Valados da Alma. He was awarded the Journalism Prize at "José Domínguez Guizán" Contest (Begonte, 2002) with his work Auga que move os batáns.