Xosé Luis López Fraga

Category: Restaurateur
Birth Date: 20th September 1951
Birth Place: Os Villares – Guitiriz (Lugo)

He arrived in Barcelona in autumn 1966, where he began to work in the old restaurant ‘Oro del Rhin’ as an assistant waiter until 1969. Then, he worked as a waiter at ‘L’ Hogar Gallego’ (Vía Layetana). He inaugurated ‘Calíope’ Disco, where he worked as head of the snack bar. Together with his brother Pedro, he founded ‘Sporting’ Restaurant in 1970, where he stayed until he founded ‘Medulio’ Restaurant.

 Work & Activities

He collaborated with the Galician musician Luis Foxo in the foundation of ‘Toxos e Xestas’. This group used ‘Sporting’ Restaurant as their headquarters for several years. He promotes several activities at ‘Medulio’ Restaurant such as painting exhibitions. He has been delegate of Sargadelos Pottery in Catalonia. Since its foundation, ‘Medulio’ Restaurant has collaborated with several cultural and gastronomic exhibitions, in which he was awarded several prizes.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He has been awarded several prizes and distinctions such as the Business International Master Prize, the Spanish Gastronomy Gold Plate (1990), the tourism diploma of Catalonia and the bronze Medal of Galicia. Besides, he is a member of the following societies and associations: ‘Gremio de Restauración y Hostelería’ (Barcelona), ‘Grupo Mareusa’, Association of Galician Businessmen, ‘Lareira’ Association of Galician Restaurants, Galician Centre of Barcelona, ‘O Penedo’ Galician Association (Barcelona) and ‘O Grelo’ Association.