Sabela Baña Roibás

Pseudonym: Sabela Baña
Category: Artist and visual poet
Birth Date: 10th March 1956
Birth Place: A Coruña
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Correo electrónico: 
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She studied in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Pontevedra and carried out over two hundred exhibitions in twenty-eight countries and four continents. Regarding her activities abroad, she participated at the Art Innsbruck, Frankfürter-Buchemise, Arte expo Las Vegas, Art Dublin, Art Edinburgh, Art Boston, Art Fair of Shanghai, Art Monaco and exhibitions in Ghent, Ginza Towa Gallery (Tokyo), New York, Brussels, Paris, Artcevia (Italy) and Rome.
She participated in Arco with Modest Cuixart and presented exhibitions in:
-Galleries: Catarsis, Quorum, Mil Mil-lenni, Il Tempio, Artexpresión and Aragon 232.
-Museums: MACUF, Museo de las Américas, Latino Art Museum (Pomoa), Museo del Agua in Bogotá, Contemporary Art Museum, Huila (Colombia), Latino Art Museum Pomoa (California), The Republic and Resistance Museum (Lisbon), Arouca Museum (Portugal), García Lorca Museum (El Vendrell - Tarragona), Museo Cívico de Abano Terme (Italy), Cortona Museum (Tuscany), CGAC (Santiago), Museo Roca (Institute of Historic Research) Buenos Aires, Balvé (Buenos Aires), Museo de la Chapelería (San Joao da Madeira) Portugal, MACAM (Cordova), Museum of Kobe (Japan), The Natural Art Center of Tokyo (Japan) and Hirosima Museum of Art (Japan).
-Galleries: Athenaeum (Madrid), the Fine Art Circle (Madrid), CIALEC, Casa de Galicia (Madrid), gallery of the City Council of A Coruña, gallery of the City Council of Lugo, Libraries of A Coruña and Lugo, Casa de Galicia (Lisbon) and gallery of the City Council of Lisbon.

 Work & Activities

She collaborated with Visual poetry: ‘X Bienal Int. Poesia Visual Exp’ (Mexico DF), ‘V Salon Internacional Archivo Keyla Holmquist’ (Maracay - Venezuela) and ‘I Congreso Internacional de los poetas del mundo’ (Blumenau - Brazil). She collaborates with Grisu (Peñarroya) and La Bañera con Trampolin (Vigo), Libro de poemas 2007 y 2008, Ed. CIALEC and the e-mail art, Taller do Sol. Boek 861 César Reglero and Eduardo Barbero.
Her work was awarded many national and international prizes:
-Canfalonier des Artes, Accademi Internacional Il Marzocco di Firenze (Italy) at the Grand Prix Internacional Il Giorgone.
-Artistic merit, Diffusione Arte (Palermo – Italy).
-Artistic merit at the 12nd edition of Samremo Arte 2000 (Italy).
-Honourable mention, Alba Gallery (Italy).
-Natale Prize in Art for her valuable work, organized by Il Tempio Gallery (Italy).
-Honourable diploma at the international exhibition because of the anniversary of the Fondazione Cantina di Villa (Vila de Tirano, Sondrio – Italy).
-Honourable mention, Gallery Swenska Kongalleriet (Malmö-Sweden).
-Honourable mention, Alba Gallery (Ferra - Italy).
-Honourable mention at the Ballve Museum (Buenos Aires) Artexpresión.
-Honourable mention, Museo Roca (Buenos Aires).
-I SIACM Second Painting Prize (Pomoa-California).
-Honourable mention in Laboyos (Colombia).
-Prize to creativity, S. Atelier Perz Belfer (Uruguai).
-Prize to creativity, Alba Gallery (Buenos Aires).
-Golden medal, Santarita Academy, Torino (Italy).
-Bronze medal, Greci-Marino International Academy.
-Honourable mention, art-Artis Gallery (Miami). Artexpresion.
Honourable mention, XI Saloon Les Domaines L’art (Bezieres – France).
-Honourable mention, Fine Art Circle (Madrid).

 Other Interesting Aspects

Her work can be found in public and private institutions such as the National Library (Madrid).

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