Nonito Pereira Revuelta

Category: Promoter and musical commentator
Birth Date: 22nd July 1943
Birth Place: A Coruña

He started his professional activity in 1964 as disc jockey at 'Playa Club' in A Coruña sharing his work with the preparation of musical jazz concerts. In 1967, he directed and presented a programme about jazz music in the radio station 'Radio Juventud' (A Coruña). Then he went on with his radio activity presenting other musical styles in other radio stations (SER, RNE). In 1978, he collaborated with COPE in Ferrol where he started the autonomous programme planning of FM Stereo-La Radio Feliz and the first Galician radio producer called 'Nosa', which was the first step to create a specific radio language of musical FM in Galicia. In 1983, he was nominated as programme manager in 'Antena 3 Galicia' and then musical coordinator in several radio stations of that network. In 1986, he became director of 'Radio Minuto' in A Coruña. He was delegate of the Spanish Channel of Musical commentators in Galicia as well as representative of the Latin American Channel of Musical Commentator. As musical adviser in the City Hall of A Coruña, he started the 'Northwest Pop Rock' that would turn into one of the most important musical events in Spain. He collaborated in several specialized magazines such as 'Actividad Discográfica' and 'Mundo Joven' and in several newspapers such as El Ideal Gallego and La Voz de Galicia, where he created the first Galician musical supplement called 'Voz Joven'. In 1992, he presented the programme 'Radio Onte' on Galician TV. The programme got an important audience throughout the 26 editions. As musical commentator, he bass his work on news moderation and precision.

 Work & Activities

He created the Galician record company 'Abrente' and presented in Spain the concept 'Celtic music' with the record Fonte de Araño (1977) by Emilio Cao and Milladoiro by Antón Seoane and Rodrigo Romaní, getting 'Record World' prize to the best producer in 1978. Because of his love to all kind of music, he is the only musical commentator present in the Galician Encyclopaedia. Other records: -Faiscas do Xiabre. -Xosé Quintas Canella. -Xoan Rubia. -María Manuela. -NHU. -Xocaloma. -Castaña. -Antonio Seijo. Books: - Cuadernos de Jazz (1971). - En la Cresta de la Música (1977).