Raquel Marañón Gómez

Birth Date: 17th May 1979
Birth Place: Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)

She took a degree in Law and Political Sciences and graduated in Criminology at the University of Santiago de Compostela. She also took a degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology (UNED) and holds the Advanced Diploma on European Studies at the Complutense University (Madrid)

She is a lawyer of the Parliament and has been working at the Parliamentary Aid Department, the cabinet of the Secretary General and the Legal Advice Department of the Central Electoral Board. She has given legal advice to the Housing and Interior Commissions of the Parliament and the Mixed Commission for the Study on the Climatic Change.

Since February 2013 she has been the secretary general of the Assembly in Madrid. Since 2006 she has also combined his job with teaching at Alfonso X University (Madrid). She teaches Tourism Law, Interpretation of Justice Administration, Juridical and Economical Translation and Public International Law.

She has participated in a lot of seminars related to Constitutional and Communitarian Law and published about twenty articles in scientific magazines related to Law.

 Other Interesting Aspects

She is married and has three children.