Ramón Caride Ogando

Category: Biologist and teacher
Birth Date: in 1957
Birth Place: Cea (Ourense)
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He was one of the initiators of Galician Science Fiction and wrote one of the first novels of this genre in Galician language: Soños Eléctricos (Xerais, 1992), which was awarded that year with 'Blanco Amor' Prize for long novel. This was the only science-fiction book that was awarded a prize in this competition, the oldest one for Galician novel.

 Work & Activities

He created the serial Las aventuras de Said y Sheila (The adventures of Said and Sheila), illustrated by Miguelanxo Prado, first science-fiction saga in Galician language for children and young people. It will consists of six volumes, two of which are already published: Perigo vexetal (Xerais, 1995. This volume was awarded with 'Merlin' Prize) and Ameaza na Antártida (Xerais, 1997). The third volume, O futuro roubado, will be published soon in the same collection. He wrote storybooks such as Manuel (Ir Indo, 1990), Crónica de sucesos (Ir Indo, 1991), Lumefrío (Xerais, 1994) and Fendas no tempo (Espiral Marior, 1995). He took part in several collective narrative books such as: Narradores de Cine (Xerais, 1996), Novo do Trinque (BNG, 1997) and E dixo o corvo...(Xunta de Galicia, 1997). He published the following poetry books: Cerne das Labaredas (Espiral Maior, 1994), Secuencia(is) (Estrume Publications, 1999) and Xeografías do Sal (County Council of A Coruña, 1999) among others. Xeografías do Sal is a selection of his poetry work throughout four years, following different lines, sometimes, contradictory. This book is a clear purpose to renew themes and aspects of poetry. His poems and stories were also collected in magazines such as 'Dorna', 'Anima+1', 'Luces', 'A Santa Compaña', 'Alba', 'Octubre', 'Albor de la Palabra', 'Poesía Galicia', 'Rollo Clave', 'Riveira'... and in different compilations and anthologies. He also wrote theatre plays for children and scripts for comics and radio programmes and promoted many cultural activities. From 1994 to 1997, he was the first president of 'A Santa Compaña' Cultural Association in Cambados, where he lives. He has carried out a great journalist activity since the 80's, writing the series of articles 'Blues de la Fronteira' (in La Voz de Galicia) and 'O libro de Area' (in Faro de Vigo). He usually collaborates in cultural supplements such as 'Galicia Literaria', 'Revista de las Letras' or 'La Ría del Ocio'.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He got the following prizes: 'Ciudad de Ourense' (Poetry) for his book Flor no deserto (City Hall of Ourense, 1995). 'Café Dublín' (short novel) for his book Sarou (Xerais, 1997).