María Consuelo del Rosario Diego Cervera

Pseudonym: Corín Diego Cervera
Category: Delineante e pintora
Birth Place: Ferrol (A Coruña)
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She studied Lineal and Architectural Drawing and has been living and working in Puerto Ordaz (Venezuela) since 1979.

She expresses his creativity with self-taught acrylics in decoration and interior designs with a combination of styles and techniques.

She returned to Spain in 1995 and from 2000 to 2005 she studied in depth the oil technique with Dolores Fernández González.

She is a specialist of the art and was inspired by the English Pre-Raphaelite painters in some of her works.

She is always searching for beauty, height and difficulty to reflect them on the canvas.

She joined Ferrolterra artistic movement in 2002.

 Work & Activities


-2003: Lar de Toxos e Froles (Ferrol).



-2003: 13th edition of “Bello Piñeiro” Painting Contest (Mugardos).

-2004: “Donas da Fantasía”, Cultural Centre (Fene), 9th edition of “Galería Burela” Painting Contest (Lugo), “La mujer en la pintura”, Spring Exhibition, Ferrol (A Coruña), “Formas y colores verano 2004”, Ortigueira (A Coruña) and “Salón de Navidad”, Porta Nova Gallery (Ferrol).

-“La mujer en la pintura”, Spring Exhibition, Porta Nova Shopping Centre (Ferrol), “7 artistas Ferrolanos”, Áncora Gallery (Cedeira), Art exhibition at A Mariña Occidental Regional Centre, Viveiro (Lugo) and Art exhibition at Bergantiños Regional Centre, Malpica (A Coruña).

-2006: “La mujer en la pintura”, Spring Exhibition (Ferrol), Art exhibition at Tabeirós Regional Centre, Terra de Montes, A Estrada (Pontevedra), “Cuatro artistas de Ferrol” (Arco Iris Group), Áncora Gallery, Cedeira (A Coruña), Regional Centre, Ordes (A Coruña) and “Cuatro artistas de Ferrol” (Arco Iris Group), Naval Hospital (Ferrol).

-2007: “Cuatro artistas de Ferrol” (Arco Iris Group), Artist Association of A Coruña, “El Gaitero en el arte”, Toxos e Froles (Ferrol), “La mujer en la pintura”, Spring Exhibition (Ferrol), Bergantiños Regional Centre, Malpica (A Coruña), O Salnés Regional Centre, Cambados (Pontevedra), “Cuatro artistas de Ferrol” (Arco Iris Group), Cedeira (A Coruña), “Cuatro artistas de Ferrol” (Arco Iris Group), City Council of Burela (Lugo) and “II Certamen de pintura del mar gallego”, Toxos e Froles (Ferrol).


 Other Interesting Aspects


2004: Diario de Ferrol, “Nordesía”, by Nicolás Vidal.

2005: “Un niño no piñeiral” (story book), published by SAF (1st edition).

2006: “Poesía Galicia” no. 20, published by SAF; “Ferrol Hoy” no. 4. “La mujer en la pintura” (Summary of painters - SAF) and “Ferrol Hoy” no. 8. Painting “4 artistas de Ferrol”.



-Private collections in Venezuela: Puerto Ordaz, Maracaibo and Caracas.

-Private collections in Spain: Santander, Madrid and A Coruña.

-Public work in the head office of Toxos e Froles Choir, Ferrol (A Coruña).

-Public work in the City Council of Burela (Lugo).

-Public work at Javier de la Rosa Museum, Agaete (Gran Canaria).

-Public work at UBIQA Architecture Studio, Dena (Pontevedra).



-Member of the Artistic Association of Ferrol (SAF) since 1976.

-2005: Illustrations in several editions of “Poesía Galicia” (magazine of the SAF), illustrations for “Un niño no piñeiral” by Mercedes Zaera (1st edition) and illustrations for “Ronsel de Lúa Espida” by Xoán García.

-2006: Illustrations for EIVA (magazine of the Disabled People Association).

-2007: Illustration (cover) for “Poesía Galicia” no. 21

-She is a member of “Arco Iris” with Manuela Castro, Carlos Barcón (painter and art critic) and Rafael Nadales (painter and sculptor).