Manuel Mondelo Castro

Category: Businessman
Birth Date: 11th August 1918
Birth Place: A Coruña

Manuel Mondelo was a famous Galician businessman. He founded Bolsos Framan, a firm dedicated to handbag manufacture. He was a pioneer and leader in this sector in Galicia and was known to be the handbag king for several decades.

He was a beloved person in A Coruña because of his innovative and hard-working personality as well as his kindness and generosity.

His designs were sold in national prestigious shops and El Corte Inglés.

 Work & Activities

Manuel Mondelo was a pioneer making handbags to order according to the client’s liking who could choose the materials, endings, appliques and colours so every handbag was unique and exclusive.

This adaptation of the product to the client was the key of his success. This service attracted the fashionists of that time who were looking for quality and exclusiveness.

Nowadays, his descendants keep on creating and designing handbags, leather goods and accessories.