Manuel Lariño

Category: Illustrator
Birth Date: 6th March 1978


He studied at ‘Joe Kubert’ Illustration School in New Jersey (USA) and later he went on with his studies at the ‘Ringling School of Art and Design’ in Sarasota (Florida), where he specialised in illustration. He graduated in Fine Arts and Illustration (BFA illustration).

 Work & Activities

-2003 (April): Best of Ringling exhibition, Selby Gallery, Sarasota (Florida).
-2005: ‘La Música’, exhibition at the Music Festival of Sarasota (Florida).

-2003: He designed the cover of ‘La Banda Sonora’ (CD).
-2004: He designed the logo ‘Paqui Deben Baby Designs’ and the cover for Sicks Deep (MTV Battle for Ozzfest).
-2005: He designed the cover and merchandising of ‘The Dirty Hearts Club’ and covers for CDs, books and web pages.

‘Clandestina Colors’ (online publication; October 2004) and Comic ‘UltraStar’ by Pat Parnell.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is a member of AGPI (Galician Association of Professional Illustrators).