Manuel Arias Gómez

Category: Professor, doctor and musician
Birth Date: 8th December 1954
Birth Place: Cenlle (Ourense)
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In 1979, he took a degree in Medicine and Surgery with an extraordinary prize. In 1984, he took his doctor's degree and specialized in Neurology. He is the head of the Neurology section at 'Conxo' Hospital in Santiago and assistant lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine at Santiago University.

 Work & Activities

He published about 75 articles in medical magazines and wrote several chapters for books about Neurology. He also took part in many congresses and got three prizes from the Galician Academy of Medicine and Surgery.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is a member of the group of chamber music (Santiago University), five records and the group 'Milladoiro', one record. He got two literature prizes from the Galician Society of Neurology.