Mª Inmaculada González Salvadores

Category: Painter
Birth Date: 6th December 1969
Birth Place: Madrid


She took a degree in Fine Arts (Painting) at Complutense University (Madrid, 1999), attended the course on Pedagogical Ability at the same university in 2000 and one year later she registered for History at the Open University. She also attended the following courses:
2003: a course on painting with Miguel Macías (Lugo’s Museum), a course on engraving with Isabel Somoza (Lugo’s Museum), a course on modelling (Lugo’s Museum) and the course ‘El Arte Gallego en el Museo Provincial de Lugo’ (Lugo). 2002: a course on graphic design (Photoshop e FreeHand), Madrid.
2000-02: a pictorial work in a studio shared with other artists in ‘Nave Norte’, Fuencarral (Madrid).
1999-00: a course on painting from life at ‘Academia Peña’ (Madrid).
1999: ‘Pablo Ruiz Picasso’ Painting Workshop with Juan Genovés at ‘Unión Fenosa’ Contemporary Art Museum (A Coruña) and practical classes on mural painting in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Complutense University (Madrid) under the direction of Manuel Colina.
1998: a course on engraving with the sculptor Manuel Mayo Mayo (Lugo).
1994-95: a course on notes of painting from life at Lugo’s Museum.
1993: ‘Naturalidad de un retrato’, a photography workshop at 'F8 Fotógrafos’ (Madrid).
1991-92: a course on photography at ‘F8 Fotógrafos’ (Madrid), a course on painting at ‘Academia Peña’ (Madrid) and a course on painting with Antonio Avari, Sarria (Lugo).
1989-90: a course on painting from life at ‘Academia Peña’ (Madrid).
1989: a course on painting from life with José Joaquín García Gesto (Lugo).
Apart from her activity as a painter, she taught painting during the academic year 2003-04 at ‘Fingoi’ School and ‘Divino Maestro’ School in Lugo and worked as a photography instructor at ‘Fingoi’ Cultural Centre (Lugo). In 2003, she gave a course on modelling for children at Lugo’s Museum and worked as a photography instructor and taught painting at different cultural centres in Madrid. Besides, she worked as a shop assistant at the Prado Museum (2002-03), a chemist’s assistant (1999-02), shop assistant at ‘Antenae’, a decoration shop in Madrid (1998-99) and at the Third Conference on the Internet. Interdomain Stand, Palacio de Congresos – Madrid (1998). She also made several photographic reports for the firm ARTCO S.L. in Lugo (1996-97) and surveys for the Galician autonomical elections in Lugo (1989).

 Work & Activities

2003: ‘Grupo 20’, a collective exhibition at Lugo’s Museum (Lugo) and ‘Casa de Galicia’ (Madrid).
2002: a collective exhibition at the Bar Association in Madrid and ‘767’, a collective exhibition at ‘Eugenio Granell’ Foundation (Santiago de Compostela).
2001: ‘Diez+Diez’, a collective exhibition organised by the Xunta de Galicia, Casa da Parra (Santiago de Compostela).
2000: ‘Signos Mágicos’, an individual painting exhibition at Buenavista Cultural Centre (Madrid).
1999: a collective painting exhibition homage to Antonio Avari, Cultural Centre of Sarria (Lugo); the exhibition of a mural painting at ‘Unión Fenosa’ Contemporary Art Museum (‘Pablo Ruiz Picasso’ Workshop).

2001: she participated at the First Painting from Life Contest in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid).
2000: she was selected for Peña Painting Prize (‘Academia Peña’, Madrid) and participated in the Twelfth Fast Painting National Contest, Parque del Buen Retiro (Madrid).
1993-94: she participated in the Open-Air Painting Contest (Madrid).

1999: ‘Unión Fenosa’ Contemporary Art Museum acquired part of her work (A Coruña).

 Other Interesting Aspects

She attended English courses during two summers in Jersey (England) and visited Rome, the USA, France and Portugal. Besides, she did volunteering work with people suffering from AIDS at Charity Missionaries (Madrid, 1997-98) and battered women’s children in an institution in Madrid (1994).