Luis Caramés Vieitez

Birth Date: 21st September 1949

.Doctor’s degree in Economy.
.Professor of Applied Economy.
.Invited Professor at Bordeaux and Pau Universities (France), Catolic University of Santos, Pontifical University of São Paulo and Business School of Curitiba (Brazil).
.Ex-dean of the Faculty of Economical and Business Sciences, Santiago de Compostela University.
.Ex-director of the Applied Economy Department, Santiago de Compostela University.
.Executive director of the Strategic Plan of Santiago de Compostela.
.Member of the Scientific Council of the Centre of Advanced Studies, Santiago de Compostela University.
.Scientific coordinator of ‘Pedro Barrié’ Institute of Economical Studies.
.Co-editor of the magazine ‘Urban Public Economics Review’.
.Member of the advisory board of the magazine ‘Hacienda Pública Española’.
.Member of the Academy of Political Sciences.

 Work & Activities

He was on the national commission for the reform of the autonomic financial system. These are some of his most important publications: ‘Introducción a la Hacienda Autonómica y Local’, Civitas, Madrid (1994), ‘La Balanza Fiscal de Galicia’, Caixa Galicia Foundation (2004) and ‘Economía Pública Local’, Civitas, Madrid (2004).
He directs the MA in Financial and Tax Administration (Santiago de Compostela University and Treasury).

 Other Interesting Aspects

.Managing director of MAPFRE.
.Member of the National Agency of Quality Evaluation – Ministry of Education.
.Director of Bolivar Professorship.