Luciano Pérez Díaz

Category: Luthier
Birth Date: 19th November 1960
Birth Place: Barbadelo - Sarria (Lugo)

When he was thirteen, he combined his studies with the learning of making musical instruments with his grandfather Paulino Pérez. Then, he studied in the Conservatoire of Lugo with Professors Antón Corral, Christian Rault and Claude Flagel. He participated in several musical activities with Miro Casavella and the group 'Doa', directed the Pipe and Hurdy-Gurdy School, dependent on the County Council of Lugo and crated the project 'O son da poesía' together with Xavier Rodríguez Barrio in 1994. He developed his professional activity in the workshop of the County Council of Lugo, which promoted many artisans, and developed many important projects such as the research and reconstruction of medieval string instruments and the design of the 'Midi-clocks' hurdy-gurdy for the composer Javier Arias Val. He worked in those scopes that needed much time such as the mending of fallen into disuse instruments or the development of traditional models. He collaborated in several projects of foundations, cultural associations and schools. He participates in conferences, exhibitions and seminars related to the recuperation, study and preservation of the musical heritage and has given courses to artisans, teachers and students. He studied and reconstruct seven musical instruments for the exhibition 'Leonardo and the Music', according to the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci. Nowadays, he directs the workshop and recording of musical documents at the Centre of Craftsmanship and Design, dependent on the County Council of Lugo, which consists of a workshop, standing exhibitions, library and record library.