Kristina Sabaite

Category: Painter
Birth Date: 1979


1986-1990: Painting Circle at the Youth Hostel, Kaunas (Lithuania).
1990-1992: Fine Art School, Kaunas (Lithuania).
1986-1997: Martynas Mazvydas School, Kaunas (Lithuania).
1997-2000: Advertising management, Kaunas Technical College (Lithuania).
2000-2004: Technologies of the Public Media in the Faculty of Design and Technologies, Kaunas Technological University (Lithuania).
2009: Montserrat Serres Gallery (Barcelona), Contemporary Art Gallery ( and “Alterarte 08" Art Fair, Vigo (Pontevedra).
2008: “Ánxeles” (a series of small paintings), Cloister of Tui’s Cathedral.
2008: “Artistas co corazón”, Bishop’s Palace (Salamanca). It was a charitable exhibition to collect money for the Spanish Association against Cancer.
2008: Painting exhibition in “Casa Hermo”, Ribeira (A Coruña).
2007: Individual illustration exhibition at Kaunas University (Lithuania), “Alterarte 07”, Vigo (Pontevedra) and individual exhibition at the Music Conservatoire of Pontevedra.
2006: Exhibition at “Alba” School, Vigo (Pontevedra).
2005: “Alterarte 06” (Vigo), standing exhibition of illustrators of the world at the Glowinsky Library in Olesnica (Poland) and exhibition of handicraft postcards at “Praza de Agora” (Madrid).
2008: “Acuarelas” by Rafa Villar, Galaxia.
2008: “Os catro amigos” in a version by Xesús Carballo Sollino, Galaxia.
2008: Sleeve for a CD by “Pomplamoose Music” for Itunes.
2007: “Un ano de contos”, Bernardo Giráldez (desktop publishing).
2007: Magazines: “Zupi” (Brazil), “EX7” ( and “Avannt” (Argentina).
2007: “Todos queren ter unha casa”, a series of illustrations for a calendar of “Inreal” estate network, Vilnius (Lithuania).
Since 2008 she has been a member of AGPI (Galician Association of Illustrators) and “Alterarte” (Artistic Group).
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