Julio Fernández Gayoso

Category: Banker
Birth Date: In 1931
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)

He started his professional activity in the bank firm 'Caixavigo' and was elected general manager in 1965 when he was 34. He was general manager of the bank firm Caixavigo e Ourense, and after that he was co-president of Nova Galicia Banco, until his dimission on june 2012.

He is on the board of directors of several firms and institutions representing the bank firm (the Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks, 'Caser', 'Lico-Leasing', 'Lico-Corporación', 'Ahorro Corporación Financiera', 'Grupo Cable' and 'Inversiones Estratégica de Galicia'). He is the vice-president of 'Banco Gallego', ('Caixavigo' got 50% of its capital in 1998). He is also a foundation member of the Foundation 'Empresa Universidad Gallega', 'FIES' Foundation (Fund for the Economical and Social Investigation), 'Pro-Vigo' Foundation and member of several societies such as the Galician Centre of Contemporary Art, 'Laxeiro' Foundation and 'Camilo José Cela' Foundation, among others.

 Work & Activities

One of the most important aspects of his professional activity in 'Caixavigo' has been the expansion of the social work of this bank firm, represented by many cultural and educational works such as 'Caixavigo' Culture Centre (this building was restored in the old 'García Barbón' Theatre and presents the most important cultural offer in Vigo); creation of the University College of Vigo, which was the base of the present Galician South University and creation of 'Caixavigo' Business School (the only one in Galicia) in Vigo, which organises courses for all the Galician region.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded the individual medal for the 'saving merit' by the Exchequer in 1970, the gold badge of Santiago University in 1982, commander of the Order to the Civil Merit in 1983, gold medal of Vigo in 1997, medal to the 'saving merit', awarded by the Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks in 1998, gold medal of the Chamber of Commerce (Vigo, 1999). In 1999, he got the distinction 'best financial executive in Galicia' according to the readers of the famous magazine 'Actualidad Económica'.