José Rodríguez de Castro

Category: Bibliographist
Birth Date: In 1730 (†In 1789)
Birth Place: Sobrado dos Monxes (A Coruña)

He studied in Santiago de Compostela, where he already composed Greek and Latin and became general secretary of the National Library in Madrid.

 Work & Activities

When he was twenty, he composed three poems in Latin, Greek and Hebrew dedicated to Carlos III, which made him enter the National Library. He published his work Biblioteca Española in two volumes, the first one titled Escritores rabínicos españoles desde la época conocida en la literatura española hasta el presente (Madrid, 1778) and the second one titled Escritores gentiles y cristianos hasta fines del siglo XII de la Iglesia (Madrid, 1786). He started the Hebraic studies in Spain. Together with Juan Iriarte, director of the National Library, he collaborated in the work Biblioteca graeca.