José María López Bourio

Birth Date: 18th April 1950
Birth Place: Lugo

Design and Interior Decorating. EAD. Madrid.
Expert on Industrial Management. EOI. Madrid.
Marketing Management. ESMA. Barcelona.
Course on Labour Relations. CGRL. Santiago de Compostela.
Postgraduate Course on the European Union Relationships. CEOE. Brussels.
Course on Business Management. CEOE. Madrid.
Several seminars on Education, Employment, Economy, Finance and Urban Development.
Courses on Information Technologies.

 Work & Activities

-He directs an Architecture and Interior Designing Studio.
-From 1976 to 2003, he participated in the foundation of the Businessmen Confederation of Lugo, being first vicepresident and then general secretary.
-He founded many business associations, cabinetmaking industries, Commerce Federation, El Ceao Industrial Estate.
-Member of the CEOE and the CEG.
-Member of the “Consello Económico e Social de Galicia”.
-President of the Education Commission of the CEG.
-He has directed a consultancy firm dedicated to the Institutional Relations since 2003.
He is the president of AGESTIC (Galician Association of Business of Information Technology and Communication) since 2004.

He edited the bulletin “El empresario lucense”, 1980-1989 and collaborated in several reports about Agricultural Industry in Galicia in the conferences organised by the CEG in 1989-1994-1999.
He organised the Second Galician Conference on Commerce and wrote several reports in 1996.
He wrote and presented the report “La Formación Profesional en Galicia. Encuentro gallego de FP”, 1993.
He organized the First and Second Galician Forum on Restoration and Maintenance of Historic City Centres, celebrated in 1996 and 1998, edited the book and wrote several of the speeches and reports.
He collaborated with El Progreso in 1998 with the section “Cartas a Carmen” and from 2003 to 2006 with the section “De la vida misma”.
He collaborated with other publications about European Union and Structural Funds.
He published “Cartas a Carmen” in 2007.
He wrote articles for the Digital Magazine on Innovation REDIDI. 2007.