Ana Sastre Soriano

Category: Artisan, sculptor
Birth Date: 9th april 1951
Birth Place: Las Navas del Marqués (Ávila)


She has living in Galicia since she was 21.

Teacher of Physical Education, Music and Art.

Courses on scale models, clay, plaster cast, puppets …

She devoted herself to teaching until she got ill and discovered more things inside her. She began to work with several materials and techniques and specialized in paper recycling for her creations. She started with paper dolls and went on with toys, costumes, dolls for weddings, decoration and sculpture until she created her most beloved work: replicas of Medieval Virgins. She always uses paper and wood pulp and looks after every detail. During this period, she gave workshops in Sada. She collaborated as artistic director with amateur theatre groups, designing and elaborating clothes and decorations.

 Work & Activities

She carried out her first exhibition with paper dolls in the Cultural Centre of Sada in 2002.

Her first exhibition of Medieval Virgins was organized at the Community Centre in Arteixo in December 2010. Most of them came from León but also from Asturias, Catalonia and Navarra.

In April 2011, she carried out an exhibition at ‘Os Toriles’ Gallery in Las Navas del Marqués, where she came back for the medieval party celebrated in that village.

In June / July 2011, she presented at St Roque Chapel in Sada some of the Virgins of previous exhibitions and other new ones.

In all her exhibitions, she organizes a small workshop to show how she elaborates her works.

In November 2011, she participated in a collective exhibition of artisans in Las Navas del Marqués.

In August 2012, she was invited by Xosé Lois García and the association ‘Amigos do Románico de Chantada’ to vindicate the preservation of the cultural heritage at the church of Pesqueiras. For this event, she elaborated a replica of the Virgin of the 12th century, disappeared in a fire that took place in 1999 (“Volveu a Virxe”).

Nowadays she is working in a project to assemble the collection of Galician Romanesque and Gothic Virgins, the forgotten and almost forgotten ones, feminine figures collected in small villages, monasteries and museums, all together as homage to women.
In 2014 she was invited by the Choral Society of Betanzos, because of their 45th anniversary, and exposed her replicas of Romanesque Virgins under the title of "Madres del Medievo".
From 15th April to 30th May 2014 she also exposed her sculptures at María Pita Museum in A Coruña.