José Manuel Brandariz

Category: President & CEO Beverly Hills Entertainment


IUNP: University Institute of New Professions.

Activities and groups: ‘Fútbol Santo Tomas de Aquino’ and ‘Hermandad Gallega’.

 Work & Activities

He distributes cinema and TV contents for Latin America. He distributed films like “Immortals” by the producers of “300”, “Brooklyn's Finest” with Ricard Gere, “Expendables” with Sylvester Stallone, “Conan the Barbarian”, “Slumdog Millionarie” (Oscar award), “Monster” with Charlize Theron (Oscar award), “Rambo IV”, “Sahara” with Matthew McConaughey , “Saw”, “Traffic” with Michael Douglas (Oscar award), “The Bank Job” with Jason Statham, “Crash” (Oscar award) with Sandra Bullock, “Lord of the War” with Nicolas Cage, “Perfume” with Dustin Hoffman, “The Fighter” with Christian Bale (Oscar award) and many others.

The aim is the production of six Latin films a year for TV.

Producer of the novel "Me muero por Ti" with Barbara Mori and Christian Maier and the films “Fray Martin Porres”, “El Milagro de Coromoto”, “El Ángel #10”, “La Caridad del Cobre” and “Santa Juanita de Los Lagos”.

In pre-production: "Juan Diego el indio de la virgen de Guadalupe”.

He is specialized in American films for the distribution in Latin America and Latin films in cinema, TV and cable, mainly Mexican films for the Hispanic market in the USA and TV movies for the Latin markets.



. President & CEO at Beverly Hills Entertainment (since 1988 up to date)

Beverly Hills Entertainment distributes films and TV contents, cinema, cable and video in Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, México, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela. His main clients: Televisa, Televisión Azteca, Multivision, Canal 22 de México, Medcom Panamá, TVN Panamá, Venevision, Televen, Caracol Colombia, RCN Colombia, Cty TV Colombia, TC Ecuador, Teleamazonas Ecuador, América Televisión Perú, Frecuencia Latina Perú, Megavision Chile, Canal 7 Chile, Canal 13 Chile, Artear Argentina, Telefe Argentina, Monte Carlo Uruguay, Canal 4 Uruguay, Globo Brasil, Turner USA, HBO, Telmundo USA, Wapa Puerto Rico, Nick and many others.

. Vice-Presidente at Supervideo C.A.: Distributor of films for Latin America from January 1985 to December 1988.

 Other Interesting Aspects

INTERESTS: Entertainment, television, cinema and good wine.