Joaquín Balsa Díaz

Category: Painter and sculptor
Birth Date: En 1961
Birth Place: Ourense
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 Work & Activities


-2003: Cultural Centre in Vila de Cruces (Pontevedra).

-2002: ‘Absoluta Emergencia’, Ourense’s Museum; ‘Espacio Permanente’, Santos Rocha’s Museum, Figueira da Foz (Portugal), Liceum of Betanzos (A Coruña), Casa do Curro, Monçao (Portugal), ‘Realidad Activa’, ‘Os Nosos Artistas’, tour of the Xunta de Galicia.

-1993: La Fábrica Allariz (Ourense).



-2003: ‘Club Financiero’, Vigo (Pontevedra), Lescar’s Museum (France), ‘A Arte axuda a Galicia – Marea Blanca’, itinerant all around Spain, ‘Liberartis’ Gallery, Porto (Portugal), ‘Mac’ Gallery (Pontevedra), ‘Pedra D’Agua’ Gallery, Porto (Portugal), ‘Agruparte’ Gallery, Porto (Portugal), ‘Henri’ Gallery, Pau (France), Jazz in Marciac (France), ‘Volter’ Gallery (Ourense), BNC Art (Barcelona), ‘Arte y Sida’ (Ourense), Expo Miño, Valença (Portugal), Cultural Centre in Vila de Cruces (Pontevedra).

-2002: Independent gallery, St. Jean de Luz (France), Jazz in Marciac (France), C.P. Topas – Salamanca 2002 Cultural Year, Castle of Maceda (Ourense), ‘Club Financiero’ (A Coruña), BNC Art Christmas Collective Exhibition (Barcelona), ‘Arte y Sida’, Caixa Galicia (Ourense), Expo Salao, Batalha (Portugal), ‘Espaço de Arte’ Gallery, Porto (Portugal).

-2001: ‘Quinta Santo António’ Gallery, Aveiro (Portugal), ‘Tomar’ Gallery, Tomar (Portugal), Expo Salao, Batalha (Portugal), MAI and Gumiel de Izán (Burgos), gallery of Porto de Mós Castle (Portugal), Simeón Art Centre (Ourense), Jazz in Marciac (France), Maison de Cascogne, Auch (France), ‘Henry’ Gallery, Pau (France), exhibition at Santiago de Compostela, Lugo, Ourense and Vigo’s Cathedrals, Solar da Praça de Óbidos, Óbidos (Portugal).

-2000: Gallery of Porto de Mós Castle (Portugal), ‘Augusto Pereira’ Gallery, Montemor o Velho (Portugal), ‘Artis’ Gallery, Cantanhede (Portugal), 500 square metre mural painting at Pereiro de Aguiar Prison (Ourense), ‘Henry’ Gallery, Pau (France), project and promotion of two sculptures: ‘The Family’ at Barbaña Park (Ourense) and ‘Vals of the butterflies’ at the Institution for children (Ourense), Rotary Club, Tarbes (France), Jazz in Marciac, Marciac (France), Maison de Cascogne, Auch (France), Expo Salao, Batalha (Portugal), Galician Centre (Madrid), ‘Arte Imagem’ Gallery (A Coruña).

-1999: Red Cross - Caixa Ourense (Ourense), ‘Liberartis’ Gallery (Porto), ‘Henry’ Gallery, Pau (France), mural paintings at Montealegre Institution for children (Ourense), mural painting ‘2580 children’ (Ourense), Happelim Institution for children (Ourense), ‘Pintura eléctrica’ autumn exhibition (Santiago), Maison de Cascogne, Auch (France), Pereiro de Aguiar Prison (Ourense), Santa Clara, Balmaseda (Biscay), Sao Joao da Foz Castle, Porto (Portugal), Jazz in Marciac, Marciac (France), Rotary Club (Huesca).

-1988: ‘Pendurados do Ceo’ Maceda Castle (Ourense), Collaboration ‘Art and AIDS’, Museum (Ourense).

 Other Interesting Aspects


-2002: Selection of Independent Prizes, St. Jean de Luz (France).

-2001: Third Painting Prize, Chamber of Commerce, Ávila – Avoña.

-2000: 100 years before the end of the century (Santiago de Compostela), Biennial, Cangas do Morrazo (Pontevedra) and Third Painting Prize (Huesca).

-1999: Third Painting Prize, Tarbes (France) and Third Painting Prize (Huesca).