J. Enrique González Muñoz

Category: Businessman
Birth Date: 30th January 1949
Birth Place: Castroverde (Lugo)
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After studying Advertising and Production of Spanish Radio and TV at the school of that time, he started his professional activity at 'J. Walter Thompson' Advertising Agency as means planner and then editor and executive director. He was also on the board of directors of 'Bassat Ogilvy & Macther' Agency in Barcelona. Together with a group of friends, he created in 1987 and independent advertising agency, 'FMRG', which merged into the international 'Lowe Lintas FMRG' in 1999. Together with a group of associate designers, he launched again the firm 'Summa Comunicació', which was specialized in corporate identity and institutional image. He taught History of Advertising in the Faculty of Sciences of Communication at 'Raimon Llull' University and represented Spain in important international and national advertising juries.

 Work & Activities

He created well-known advertising campaigns for local, national and multinational advertisers, established in Catalonia in a wide range of sectors (food, drinks, perfumery, cosmetics, fashion, public services, banking, telephone and so forth). He usually collaborated in the technical press of the sector. He promoted 'Best Pack' Prize to encourage the excellence in communication of brands and products of the food sector.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was on the board of directors of 'ADGFAD', which promoted the famous 'Laus' Prizes for design, advertising and communication.