Ignacio Ramonet

Category: Journalist
Birth Date: In 1944
Birth Place: Redondela (Pontevedra)
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Ignacio Ramonet was brought up in Tangier where his parents, Spanish republicans, estblished in 1948. In 1972 he moved to Paris, where he started out as a journalist. He took a doctor’s degree in Semiology and Culture History at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris and is a Professor of Communication Theory at Denis-Diderot University.

He is an expert on geopolitics and internacional strategy and has been a consultant of the United Nations and always fought in favour of marginated countries. He is an activist of the antiglobalisation movement and founded Attac (the association that defends taxes for financial transactions and helped the citizens), an internacional movement that promotes the democratic control of the financial markets. Ramonet was one of the promoters of the World Social Forum and is also co-founder and president of Media Watch Global.

Ramonet has achieved a recognized world prestige as editor of Le Monde Diplomatique and Manière de voir for eighteen years. Although he stopped editing the famous magazine in March 2008, he is still linked to it as president of the publishing house of its edition in Spanish, which he also directs. He is the president of "Mémoire des Luttes" www.medelu.org.

 Work & Activities

He wrote about twenty books. Cien horas con Fidel is a thorough work that collects the life, ideas and expectations of the Cuban leader about the present and future of his country.

He is the author of "Le Krach parfait", Galilée, París (2009). www.editions-galilee.fr

 Other Interesting Aspects

On 27th October 2011 he was awarded Antonio Asensio Journalism Prize for his constant fight for a more fair and free world.