Pseudonym: Gochi
Category: Cartoonist
Birth Date: 11th November 1977
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He entered the comic world some years ago after publishing the first issue of ‘Cerditos de Guinea’ and sending some samples to the artistic director of ‘Golfiño’, the old magazine for children. He began to draw the comic strips of ‘Trasmallo, adestrador de Piratas‘ (he is preparing the first album of the magazine). Afterwards, he joined the group ‘Chapapote’, with which he participated in his exhibition and the album ‘H2oil’. He also collaborated with ‘Hstudio’ and ‘Ojo de pez’. As far as press is concerned, he made graphic humour and caricatures for the local newspapers of Betanzos and Arteixo.

 Work & Activities

He was awarded the following prizes: first prize of the Fourth Comic Young Contest of Las Rozas - Madrid, with the work ‘Penurias escolares’ (November 2002); first prize of the Fith Comic Contest of Tomelloso’ (Ciudad Real), with the work ‘Otra salida’ (November 2002); honourable mention of the panel in the Seventh Comic and Comic Strip Contest (Arteixo - A Coruña) with his work ‘As aventuras de Falcon Lois’ (January 2003); his work was selected in the exhibition ‘Jóvenes creadores 2003’ (Salamanca, May 2003); first prize of La Ballena First Comic and Illustration Contest (Parla - Madrid) with his work ‘La entrevista’ (June 2003); first prize of the Fifth Snowboard Comic Contest (LLeida) with his work ‘Rider caído’ (November 2003); first prize of the Fith Comic Strip Contest of Moaña (Pontevedra) with his work ‘O meritorio’ (May 2003); his work was selected in the exhibition ‘Fernando Quiñones’ (Cádiz, January 2004); he was finalist in the Tenth Comic and Illustration Contest of Albacete (April 2004); first prize in the First Comic Equal Contest (Palencia, June 2004) with his work ‘Sólo hago mi trabajo’; second prize of the First Comic Strip Contest of Culleredo (A Coruña, June 2004) with his work ‘Milagre’ and second prize of the Sixth Comic Strip Contest of Cangas (Pontevedra, July 2004) with his work ‘Sentencia de morte’.

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 2004, he was the author promoted in the ‘Interea’ Conferences, organised by the County Council of A Coruña. He is a member of the Galician Association of Illustration Professionals, where you can visit his gallery. For further information contact www.cerditosdeguinea.com and info@cerditosdeguinea.com.