Francisco Rodríguez Iglesias

Category: Publisher
Birth Date: 22nd May 1949
Birth Place: Castelo -Taboada (Lugo)
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He studied in his native town and Lugo and then moved to Madrid and Bilbao. In 1979, he came back to Galicia and established himself in A Coruña. After a short experience in 'Marín' publishing house, he began to work for 'Carrogio'. In view of the refusal of the company to publish a great Galician work, he founded 'Hércules' Publications. While he was commercialising other Galician works, he began to prepare 'Proxecto Galicia'. Little by little, a group of Professors joined him to take part in a work to compile Galician culture: History, Art, Geography, Cartography, Anthropology, Literature, Nature, Law, Economy... It was published both in Galician and Castilian languages. Supported by intellectuals and humanists such as Filgueira Valverde, García Sabell, Precedo Ledo and Darío Villanueva, he created 'Francisco Rodríguez Iglesias' Foundation that is devoted to promote art and autochthonous culture.

 Work & Activities

'Proxecto Galicia' is being supported by a publishing line of many collections, all of them based on the Galician culture such as Galicia Cuatro Estaciones, Sempre no camiño, Galicia para soñar and Guías Gallegas. He is developing a programme of integral education in sixty-five volumes (fifteen of them have already been published), titled Titor Hércules: do Berce á Universidade. It is published both in Galician and Castilian and is the most complete educative help ever published in Spain for parents, teachers and pupils. He also made collections such as Guías e cidades de España or Álbumes geográficos. Some of the 400 volumes that are planned have already been published.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He created a new publishing house in Andalusia called 'Publicaciones Comunitarias', which is about to publish the first volumes of a new business project in this region that will consist of a hundred volumes of big format. The first ten volumes deal with the study of the Andalusian anthropology. About a hundred Professors and experts in this subject are working in this project.