Fernando Álvarez Lamelas

Birth Date: In 1935
Birth Place: Xunqueira de Espadañedo (Ourense)
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He studied Primary Education and six courses of Secondary Education at the school where his parents worked as teachers. Then, he finished Secondary Education in Ourense and moved to Madrid to study Industrial Engineering, finishing in 1960. He also attended several postgraduate courses and training on business schools.

 Work & Activities

After a short period working as an engineer for DEMAG (Germany) and S.A. Cros in Santander, he began to assume management posts in several companies. He directed ‘Fundiciones de Maliaño, S.L.’ for two years and in March 1965, he was nominated as technical director of ‘Construcciones Didier S.A.’ in Bilbao. Five years later, he was nominated as managing director at the same time he was on the board of directors of several branches of the firm.

He was one of the founders of ‘Karrena S.A.’ in Spain, shared by Karrena GmbH and Didier Werke A.G. (1970). A decade later, he promoted the expansion of Karrena and Didier in several Latin American countries.

Together with a Spanish financial group, he bought KARRENA GmbH (Düsseldorf-Germany) in 1997, being the executive president. When he retired in 2000, he became president of the board of directors and goes on with supervision and supporting management and strategical planification. KARRENA, with branches in the five continents and 1500 employees, is the top firm related to engineering and refractory material and construction of industrial chimneys.