Enrique Lorenzo Docampo

Category: Businessman
Birth Date: 16th November 1892
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)

He studied at several schools in Vigo and when he was sixteen he began to work at 'Babé & Cía'. In 1911, he emigrated to Buenos Aires, where he got several jobs. He returned in 1915 to do his military service. In 1916, he began to work at 'El Dique' shipyard, where he met a French that helped him to found his own company 'Factorías Vulcano-Enrique Lorenzo y Compañía'. As a promoter, he took an active paart in other companies such as ?Aceros de Galicia?, ?Conservas La Guía S.A.? and ?Serrerías Vulcano?.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was the president of 'Centro de Hijos de Vigo' and 'Aero Club de Vigo'. He was a member of the society 'Amigos de la ópera', vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation, managing director of the bank firm ?Banco de Vigo? and auditor of the firm ?Tranvías Eléctricos de Vigo? and member of the executive committee of 'Zona Franca'. He was also the founder and president of the firm 'Sumnsa' (Naval Metallurgic Supplies, Ltd.).