Elia Rico Lagarón

Category: Teacher and writer
Birth Date: 25th June 1949
Birth Place: Meira (Lugo)

While she was studying Secondary Education and Teaching in Lugo, she wrote and collaborated with theatre groups. Some of her teachers wanted her to become a writer and others did not let her publish her works because she made social criticism. She first worked as a teacher in O Cebreiro, then in the Asturian coalfield and finally in Ferrol. She has never given up her connection with theatre and poetry and has always vindicated Galician writers and culture. On two occasions, she was the headmistress of the school where she worked in Ferrol.

 Work & Activities

She was always connected with theatre performances at school, rehearsing with pupils and writing the plays. She published short poems in the magazines 'Poesía Galicia' and 'Atenea'. She also took part in poetry reading and in the Floral Games of Cedeira, where she got the first prize for her poem 'Tributoso'. She elaborated lessons for children based on popular literature. She is preparing poetry reading about Tomás Barros and collaborates with the magazine 'Poesía Galicia'.

 Other Interesting Aspects

She thinks that 'the most important thing about poets and people worried about the problems in the world is the defence of values, social justice and culture as the best weapon and richness for humanity. All the rest is not important'.