Avelino Abuín de Tembra

Category: Writer
Birth Date: In 1931 (†March 2009)
Birth Place: Dodro, Arzúa (A Coruña)

He took a degree in Romany Philology and a doctor's degree in Language and Literature. He also graduated in Public Relations.

 Work & Activities

He created the Floral Games of the Secondary Education of Galicia in 1963 and 'Manuel Peleteiro' Monographic Courses in 1963 and 'Manuel Peleteiro' Monographic Courses in 1966 and founded 'Pedrón de Ouro' Patronage (1964). He is the secretary general of Rosalía de Castro Foundation and member of its Culture Commission since 1965 and president of the Galician National Short Story Contest (1976). He founded the electronic magazine 'Galicia Viva' (1999) and created the Rosalian Route. Avelino Abuín collaborated in press with the sections titled 'Galicia Amencer', 'Ventos ábregos' and 'A lúa nos beizos' and radio with the music programme 'Concerto popular - Obradoiro de música popular'. Besides, he is the author of the following books: Camiños (verse, 1961), Home ao pairo (verse, 1974), Roldas de Compostela (verse, 1983), En las orillas del Sar de Rosalía (anthology, 1984), Ruta Rosaliana (1984), Rosalía, biografía do centenario (1985). He also directed the edition of Rosalía's complete works (1992).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded Ciudad de Carballo Prize (1979), Galicia Poetry Prize (1981) and Celso Emilio Ferreiro Poetry Prize (1981). Nowadays, he is the president of 'Pedrón de Ouro' Foundation and president 'Galicia Viva', a cultural association of Rianxo.