Antonio Puga

Category: Painter
Birth Date: 13th February 1602 (†10th March 1648)
Birth Place: Ourense

He was a pupil of Velázquez in Madrid and the only Galician painter of Felipe IV's court.

 Work & Activities

His first painting was San Jerónimo. He dealt with religious topics but his paintings mainly showed customs and manners and natural people: El afilador, El sacamuelas, La Taberna, El Aceitero, La sopa de los pobres, Muchacho riendo, Gitana, Megrito moliendo chocolate, Retrato de joven con armadura, Bebedor... He also painted portraits of King Felipe IV, the Queen, Count-Duke Oliveres and other people of the Court. His paintings are preserved in the museums of Pontevedra and Ourense, in Caixavigo, in private collections and foreign museums.