Ángel Basanta

Category: Writer
Birth Date: 24th March 1950
Birth Place: Crecente (Lugo)

He was a Professor at Santiago University (1973-1976) and since 1976 he has been teaching Literature at 'Rey Pastor' Secondary School in Madrid. He taught Didactics of Spanish Literature in the Institute of Educational Sciences at Complutense University in Madrid (1971-1981 and 1984). As literary critic, he collaborated in several newspapers and magazines. From 1987 to 1998, he collaborated in ABC Cultural and since1999 he has been collaborating in the cultural supplement of the newspaper El Mundo. In collaboration with F. Marcos Marín, he directed the volume Historia de la Literatura Española (1980-82), 'Cincel' Publications. He wrote several books about history of the Spanish novel and many commented editions of important novels such as El Lazarillo, Don Quixote, El Buscón and El sombrero de tres picos.

 Work & Activities

Works: Cuarenta años de novela española (1939-1979). Estudio y antología, 2 vol. Madrid. 'Cincel-kapelusz' Publications, 1979; La novela de Baroja. El esperpento de Valle-Inclán. Madrid, 'Cincel' Publications, 1980; Manuel. Madrid, 'Cincel' Publications, 1980; Cervantes. Madrid, 'Cincel' Publications, 1981; La novela española de nuestra época. Madrid, 'Anaya' Publications, 1990; Cervantes y la creación de la novela moderna. Madrid, 'Anaya' Publications, 1992 and Baroja o la novela en libertad. Madrid, 'Anaya' Publications, 1993. Ángel Basanta also wrote the edition, preliminary study and over six thousand notes about Don Quixote, illustrated by José Ramón Sánchez and published in two volumes in 1993 ('Anaya' Publications). In 1999, it was reprinted in a single volume. In 2000, he began to direct the new Anaya Didactic Library.