Alba Pazos Gómez

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-Degree in Journalist, University of Alcalá de Henares – UCM, Madrid (1999-2004).
-Postgraduate course: “A comunicación audiovisual na era dixital”, University of Santiago de Compostela (2005).
-Photography (photojournalism and introduction to artistic photography, Metrópolis Audiovisual School, Madrid (2002- 2003).
-‘Historia del cine’. Faculty of Information Sciences, UCM (2001).
-‘I Congreso Internacional Luís Buñuel’. Faculty of Information Sciences, UCM (2000). 
-‘Seminarios Crítica de Arte’. Faculty of Information Sciences, UCM (2001).
-Four-year course on Performance for Theatre and Cinema. Metrópolis C.E. Madrid (1999-2003).
-‘Formación regular del actor’ in “Espacio aberto”, Santiago de Compostela (2006).
-‘En busca da túa identidade cómica’, by Leo Bassi. Festiclown Compostela (2005).
-‘Non actúes coma un pallaso, sé un pallaso’, with Álex Navarro and Carolina Dream. Festiclown Compostela (2005).
-‘Curso Integral del actor’, organised by the Galician Association of Actors, Directors and Stage Designers with Marina Wainer, Santiago de Compostela (2004).
-‘Clown’, by Pilar Vicente and Eulogio Daspenas, Madrid (2003).
-Course on body language and theatre ad-lib. Casa de Soria, Madrid (2000).
-‘Modern dance and tap dancing’, by Gail Brevitt, Santiago de Compostela (2005-2006).
-Leisure time instructor, ‘Alborada’ School, Madrid (2003).
-Seminars on Volunteer Work with “Solidarios para el desarrollo”, Madrid (2003).

 Work & Activities

Since April 2006 she has been editor and newscaster for the news programmes of Galician TV. At the moment she is on a tour with ‘SEN TREN’, a play written and directed by AlbADAcadabra (Alda Lozano and Alba Pazos). Performance: Os Containers Company (Santiago de Compostela).
-2005-2006: Scriptwriter and presenter of “Pase Vip” and reporter of “Buffet” (Código TV). 
-2005: She enjoyed a grant of the CRTVG to work as editor in Telexornal Serán on TVG, San Marcos (Santiago de Compostela).
-2004- 2005: Editor and newscaster of the news department on Radio Galega.
-2002- 2004: Director of a theatre workshop and editor of a magazine at Martínez Campos Centre for Psychosocial Rehabilitation in Madrid and actress of Odisea Theatre Group in “Está nevando en la autovía” and “El crimen de los Pérez” (Madrid).
-2000-2004: Extra in several shorts and series produced in Madrid.
-1999-2002: Performance and participation in short production at the Faculty of Information Sciences (UCM) and Metrópolis Audiovisual School: “Duda”, “Tenny Casting” and “Derecho de Admisión”.
-1994-1999: Several shows with ANEIS Independent Theatre Group, Xinzo de Limia (Ourense).
-2003: Leisure time instructor at ‘Gorabide’ Camp with the Association of Disabled People (Bilbao).
-2002: Educator and instructor at the Refuge of Lisbon (voluntary work).

 Other Interesting Aspects

LANGUAGES: Spanish (bilingual). English: written (advanced level), spoken (medium level).
COMPUTING: Advanced level of Microsoft Office and Internet.
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Photoshop, Indesing, photosuite.
Several programmes of sound edition for radio objectives.