Xosé Luis Fernando Allué Andrade

Pseudonym: Fernando Andrade
Category: Forest scientist, professor and writer
Birth Date: 9th September 1931
Birth Place: Monforte de Lemos (Lugo)


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Job: Forest researcher and Professor (he is retired at the moment).

Offices: Main researcher and ex secretary of the Scientific Commission of the National Institute of Agrarian Investigations, of the Spanish Society for the study on pastures, of the European Grassland Federation (Uppsala) and the School of Forestry Engineering, among others.

Other activities: Writer.

Hobbies: Music and physics, mainly.


 Work & Activities

Forest activity: Reafforestation of 8.000 hectares in the Sierra de Segura, three well-known models of phytoclimatological diagnosis, pioneering cartography of the phytoclimatic change and study on 80 species of pasture interest. All this activity is reflected in one hundred and seventy publications such as “Afforestation in Arid Zones” (with Metro, by Philippis, Kaplan, Oedekoven etc), “Studies of biology and pascicology of the principal existing in the spontaneous pasture grounds” (Hispanic North American Project E-25-FS-1), “Subregiones Fitoclimáticas de España”, “Taxonomías Fitoclomáticas”, texts of the School of Forestry Engineering, as well as in reports, articles and several prologues. He collaborated in “Memoria de las Series de Vegetación de España” by S. Rivas Goday and in “Clasificación Biogeoclimática de España” by R. Elena Roselló. He taught Silviculture to 35 classes of forestry experts.

In 1999, during the celebration of his homage, the INIA published a volume written by 58 scientists. The School of Forestry Engineering of Madrid dedicated him the World Forest Day on 2nd March 2002 and the Andalusian Forestry Association awarded him Juan Ruiz de la Torre Prize.   

Literary activity: He published “Un tópico viscoso” in ‘Vamos’, magazine of the generation of ‘50; “El caso Grandío”, “El sentido de la imaginación en Fole” and “El pintor Xavier Pousa” in El Progreso (1957); “Paisaxe e Cultura” 1955 (with Cunqueiro, Otero Pedrayo, Bonet Correa and others) and “Cartas a un mozo galego, de Ramón Piñeiro” in GALAXIA, as well as “Cinco pezas para cembalo” (poems translated by Novoneyra), “Vintesete murais para Tino”, etc. In 2001, the CONSELLO DE CULTURA GALEGA commissioned him to write “A Paisaxe Natural Galega”. He has been also collaborating in GALICIA DIXITAL with over fifty works since 1999.  

Musical activity: “Liturxias pró Nadal”, “Siete bagatelas,” “Cancións en tempo pasado”, “Nostalgia del Zafiro”, “Músicas do abó” and quite a lot unfinished work.