Xosé Garrido

Category: Photographer
Birth Date: 1st June 1968
Birth Place: Monforte de Lemos (Lugo)
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He has lived in A Coruña since 1974 and in the last years he has also lived in Cordova and Marrakech. He is a photographer specialized in architecture, heritage and etnography. Since 1995, he has been working in many projects about Galician architectonic and cultural heritage for several public and private institutions such as ‘Arquitecturas da provincia da Coruña’, published by the County Council of A Coruña. In the last ten years he has been travelling all around the world making reports and carrying out several works about habitat, society and heritage, such as the documents of the architectonic work by Thomas Jefferson in Virginia (USA), the study on mud architectures in the pre-Saharian valleys in Morocco, the documents and follow-up for the creation of radio schools in the Saharan refugee camps on the South of Algeria or the editing and mounting of six thematic diaporamas for its permanent showing at the John Trulock Railway Museum (Camilo José Cela Foundation). He usually travells all around the South of Spain and the North Magreb, focussing his work on Arab-Andalusian architecture and heritage, collaborating in several publishing, scientific and divulguing projects such as the photographic documents for the project ‘Medinas Mudun’, a research work about the trace and the cultural survival of the Al-Andalus today, coordinated by the Junta de Andalucía and carried out in forty cities of Portugal, Spain and Morocco with the collaboration of several public and private institutions of these three countries. He also carried out his work in Cuba, Egypt, Tunisia, Mauritania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Italy and West Sahara.

 Work & Activities

His photographs illustrated over forty books about several themes related to architecture, archaeology and heritage. His work is usually published in many books, cultural and travel guides, web pages, CD-ROM and many specialized magazines and divulguing monographic exhibitions. He also carries out an important activity as photography director and cameraman in audiovisual, cinematographic and videographic productions. He directed ‘Emerxentes’, a documentary for Galician TV about new values in art and leisure time in Galicia. Since 1997, he has been given courses and workshops related to photography and organised by public institutions, Universities and private associations and foundations. In the last two years, he has participated as a Professor in the ‘Master en estudos teatrais e cinematográficos’, organised by the Audiovisual Means Service and the Special Didactics Department of A Coruña University.