Ricardo Mella

Category: Topographer and writer
Birth Date: September 1861 (†7th August 1925)
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)

He worked in a maritime agency and collaborated in the newspapers El Portavoz and La Verdad. He studied Topography, Humanities and Philosophy. He was transferred to Seville, where he joined the Andalusian anarchism and collaborated in the magazines 'Acracia', 'El Productor' and 'Revista Social'. He was delegate of the syndical Conference of Spanish Workers in Seville and attended others in several Spanish cities. In 1897, he moved to Pontevedra to work as a topographer in the construction of the new tramway. In Pontevedra, he collaborated with the newspapers La Unión Republicana, El Corsario de A Coruña, La Anarquía and La Idea Libre de Madrid and the magazines 'Ciencias Social' (Barcelona) and 'La Nueva Humanidad' (Paris). In 1909, after living in Barcelona, he returned to Vigo to create new tramways and became manager of the company.

 Other Interesting Aspects

The City Council of Vigo honoured him giving his name to a street and the sculptor Asorey made a stony bust of his figure.