Ricardo L. Martínez Barros

Birth Date: 16th April 1950
Birth Place: Éntoma, O Barco (Ourense)
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Together with sixteen people, he directs the lawyer's office 'Martínez Barros Abogados' with the central office in Vigo and 'Urbagalex' (a section specialised in town-planning led by José Luis Narbón). The lawyer's office 'Martínez Barros Abogados' forms part of the lawyer association 'Unión Inernational des Avocats'.

 Work & Activities

He has written over four hundred articles that have been published in all Galician newspapers and magazines destined to Galician emigrated people. He has given lectures and courses on different juridical themes ('La emigración después de la emigración' and 'La quinta provincia gallega'). He has directed the radio programme 'Con la Ley en la Mano' for over ten years, in the radio station 'Radio Noroeste' and then 'Radio Voz'. He directed the juridical consultant's office of 'Celta de Vigo F.C.' for six years, turning the club into a sports society and filling the office of vice-president. His work Galicia entre la agricultura y la emigración (first journalistic prize at 'Semana Verde de Galicia', 1984) provides some clues to solve the problem of Galician emigration. He also published several works about local common mounts..

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is committed with the protection of Galician values and cultural richness and is the vice-president of the association 'Amigos del Monasterio de Samos'. He has carried out a very important work to defend the river Miño as adviser and founder of the Association of Fishermen of the river Miño. He also works as a lawyer for Greenpeace in Galicia, defending this association at Court since 1985.