Ovidio Fernández Ojea

Pseudonym: Ojea
Category: Hotel businessman
Birth Date: 10th November 1940
Birth Place: Drados - Chandrexa de Queixa (Ourense)
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When he was still a child, he started his education in Ourense, where his parents ran a hotel business. He studied Primary Education at 'Sueiro' School in Ourense and Secondary Education at 'Salesianos' School. Then he studied at the 'Bóveda' Business School. When he was eighteen, he was called up. It was then that he emigrated to Rio de Janeiro. There, he became a hotel businessman and went on with this activity and other business in Argentina. In 1970, he came back to Spain and started his first hotel business in Ourense and then others that he still run nowadays with 27 employees. He is the president of the Galician Confederation of Hotel Businessmen and has been the president of the Federation of Hotel Businessmen in Ourense for fourteen years. In the pre-autonomic Government, he became a member of the 'Consello Galego de Turismo' (Galician Tourism Board). In 1997, he was elected as town councillor at the City Hall of Ourense within the political party 'Grupo Popular' and filled the office of deputy mayor. Until April 2000, he was the first vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce and president of the Tourism Committee for eight years. Nowadays, he is a member of the board of directors of the institution TURGALICIA, representing the hotel business sector. He is also a member of the executive committee of the Businessmen's Association in Ourense and the Spanish Federation of Hotel Business. Nowadays, he is the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Ourense.

 Work & Activities

He was responsible for the edition of the Tourist Guide and the Hunting Guide of Ourense, promoved by the Chamber of Commerce. He was also responsible for the work about popular architecture in the 'Ribeira Sacra' of Ourense with the participation of a group of experts in Architecture. He has organized several photographic contests of tourist areas with specialized students. He promoted the rural tourism in Galicia. He is the president of the board of directors of the magazine Hostelería Galega (30,000 issues a month throughout the year). He also presides a big and small game preserve of about 20,000 hectares in his native town.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Ovidio Fernández Ojea works tirelessly with his partners and friends to turn Galicia into one of the most important tourist places in Spain. He is convinced that Galicia has all the necessary potential to get it.