Manuel Rafael Rodríguez Valero

Category: Professor
Birth Date: 28th November 1948
Birth Place: Gijón (Asturias)
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Professional development: He worked as machinery officer for five years and machinery manager in merchant ships for five years. He worked as inspector at the Lloyd's Register of Shipping for eight years inspecting new construction of ships, repairs, breakdowns, evaluation of economical budgets and costs, industrial services, nuclear power stations, official approval and classification of soldering methods. He also worked as inspector of fishing companies for two years, being responsible for the running and functioning of ships. He also worked as manager of a mixed company in Chile for two years, being responsible for economical and business management. Academic formation: He took a degree in Naval Machinery and a doctor's degree in Civil Navy. He works as a Professor within the area of Thermic Machines and Engines at A Coruña University. Maintenance engineering: -Organization, technology and maintenance plans. -Experimentation of vibration and alignment analysis in rotary machines

 Work & Activities

Main contributions: -Prediction of the lessening of shulfur dioxide emissions with regard to the addition of natural gas. -Predictive maintenance system based on vibration analysis and variables of process. -Maintenance centralisation in the running of shipping company industries. -Aplication of the Weillbull rule of the marine installation maintenance. -Quality as a guarantee of the reliability of the installation. -Optimization of the resources for shipping industries maintenance. -Detection and automatic diagnosis of mechanical failures at the present time. -Detection of failures through the analysis of shock pulses in engines submitted to a viariable charge rate.

 Other Interesting Aspects

- Head of the department of Marine Energy and Propulsion at A Coruña University. - Specialist in radiography description. - Maintenance-plan adviser in shipping companies. - Average purser.