Manuel Lugrís Freire

Pseudonym: Asieumedre or L.U.gris
Category: Writer
Birth Date: 12th February 1863 (†15th February 1940)
Birth Place: Sada (A Coruña)

When he was twenty he emigrated to Cuba and stayed there until 1896. In 1885, he founded the newspaper A Gaita Gallega, which was the first newspaper published in Galician language in emigration. When he came back from America he settled down in A Coruña and worked as an administrative officer. He was one of the founders of the Galician Academy, which he would preside during 1934 and 1935. In 1923 he became a member of the Seminary of Galician Studies. He took part in the Galician Party and was a member of the comission that elaborated the preliminary plan of the Statute of Autonomy in 1932.

 Work & Activities

He started his literary activity writing poetry. His first poetry book, which was titled Soidades, was published in La Havana in 1894. Noitebras (1901) was his second poetry book and was dedicated to his dead wife Concepción Orta e Iglesias. In 1919 he published Versos de Loita in the newspaper El Noroeste. But Ardencias (1927) was his best poetry book. It is dedicated to the Galician young people. His last poetry book, As Mariñas de Sada, was published in 1928. It is an homage to the society of Sada and its surroundings. As far as theatre is concerned, he developed a very important activity with plays such as A ponte (1903), Mareiras (1904), Minia (1904), Esclavitú (1906), O pazo (1917) and Estadeíña (1919). He also wrote Contos de Aseumedre, which appeared in several newspapers such as A Nosa Terra. As he was worried about Galician language, he wrote Gramática do idioma galego (Grammar of Galician language), which was published in 1922 with a second edition in 1931.