José Blanco

Category: Politician
Birth Date: In february 1962
Birth Place: Palas de Rei (Lugo)

Owing to labour reasons, his family moved to Lugo, where he studied Primary and Secondary Education at Juan Montes Secondary School.
In Santiago de Compostela he began to study Law but he gave up to work as the secretary of organization of the Socialist Party. She attended different courses on group dynamics and organization techniques as well as on political communication and electoral sociology.

 Work & Activities

His interest in politics began when he was very young, with the approach to the PSP of Tierno Galván. After joining the PSOE, Blanco affiliated to this party in 1978.
When he was Secretary General of the Galician Socialist Youth, he was elected president of the Youth Council of Galicia, founder of the “Centro de Estudios Juventud y Sociedad”, responsible for the advice to different administrations regarding youth policies.
He was a member of the Galician Executive Commission of the Socialist Party and secretary general in Lugo.
During the general elections of 1989 he was elected senator, the youngest in the fourth session. In 1996 he led the list of candidates of the Socialist Party in Lugo.
After losing the general elections of 1996, Blanco joined ‘Nueva Vía’, a group that believed in José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero as the best candidate to be the secretary general of the Socialist Party. He coordinated the group to get the support of the delegates that finally chose Rodríguez Zapatero as the new leader of the socialists in the 35th Federal Conference.
In that conference, celebrated in 2000, he was elected secretary of Organization and Electoral Action. He tried to modernize the structure of the party using the most advanced means; he renewed the federal structure of the Socialist Party, rationalizing both human and material means. During this stage he rationalized expenses and investments, balancing and optimizing the available resources.
The Socialist party reinforced and strengthened its territorial structure, both in Spain and abroad, and started a generational renewal that has been completed in different conferences celebrated in the last years.
According to his responsibility in the Socialist Party, he has become closer to other parties and organizations, both in Spain and abroad, mainly in America, where the collaboration with different parties such as the American Democratic Party has been started and reinforced.
Regarding communication and image, he opts for the renewal of the PSOE logo, changing design and messages to direct to the Spanish society. Some of the election campaigns he coordinated were awarded prestigious distinctions.
The new multimedia stage of the Socialist Party starts with his initiative and finishes with the starting of iPSOEtv. The new web page is also inaugurated with national and international recognition, giving information about all the news. In 2008 he was awarded e-Democracy Prize from the Politech Institute of Political Technologies in Belgium as recognition to the quality of the web page and his commitment to strengthen the civic participation by means of the new communication technologies.
He has coordinated all the election campaigns of the Socialist Party since 2003. He bet for innovative electoral and politic communication techniques that have changed the scene of the election campaigns developed in Spain in the last years.
In the 36th Federal Conference (July 2004), he was elected secretary of Organization and Coordination of the Federal Executive Commission of the Socialist Party. In the 37th conference he was elected vice secretary general of the Socialist Party.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is married and has two children.