José Díaz Fuentes

Category: Sculptor
Birth Date: 6th August 1940 (†30th May 2010)
Birth Place: Sarria (Lugo)


He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Madrid and Barcelona. He enjoyed a scholarship of the Spanish Ministry of Culture in 1981 and another one of the French Ministry of Culture in 1991. In 1981, he was awarded the Bronze Medal of the European Academy of Fine Arts and the French National Fund of Contemporary Art acquired one of his works in 1982. He carried out itinerant exhibitions in the ‘Casa de la Parra’ (Santiago), Lugo, Astorga, Burgos, Paris, La Rochelle Pau, etc and made sculptures for urban spaces in Pontedeume, Sarria, Vitry, Amiens, Forêt de Sénart, Mutzig, Gronebic, Burdeaux, Le Chesnay, Aubergenville – Chaument, Faculty of Economical Sciences (Santiago), Pierre laye, Lugo, Sarria, Rubián, Institute of Nuclear Phisics (Paris). He has published many articles in newspapers and collaborated in radio and TV, Galician Encyclopaedia and the Catalogue of Plastic Arts–UNESCO.

In October 2010, he was posthumously nominated as 'honorary citizen' of Sarria.

 Work & Activities

He was awarded the Silver Medal of the Arts and Sciences in the French Senate, first prize at the Third International Sculpture Festival (2001), Réalités Nouvelles Galleries, Jeune Sculpture Vigo, Grands et Jennes d’Ajourd’ hui, Art International d’ Allones, salón de Mai, Amiens International Exhibition, Bilan del ‘Art contemporaine – Quebec, Ayt Expo New York and Tokyo, comparaisons salon dautomne, salon des Artistes Jud épendents Pau de la Décenverte “Sur le traces de finvisible – Instituto National de Physique Nucléaire, “Mundo de la Cultura y de las Artes” Cannes. He participated in several symposia.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He projected a sculpture in Algeria and was invited to a symposium in China. He was also preparing a personal exhibition in several materials: stone, wood, ceramics, concrete, jet, bone and bronze. He also participated in several galleries in the North of France.