Isolino Nieto Caamaño

Category: Writer
Birth Date: 24th February 1934
Birth Place: Vilar - Tállara - Lousame (A Coruña)

He was a chief clerk at a notary's office. Then he retired after having worked for over fifty years. He was secretary at the Auxiliary Committee of the Notarial College in A Coruña. In 1971, he got a first-class medal to the trade-union merit from the Ministry of Trade-Union Relations. He is also the secretary of the editorial staff of the magazine 'Fidelidad' from the National Corps of Notary's Officers.

 Work & Activities

WORKS: 1971: Recopilación, study on the staff working in a notary?s office, prologued by Dr. Manuel de la Cámara Álvarez. 1994: Ternuras, book of poems prologued by Dr. Moure-Mariño. 1994: Anduriña (Cadernos de bitácora), novel. 1994: Orolin del Pazo: (Notario, toureiro); novel prologued by the notary and academician Vicente Luis Simó Santonja. 1995: Poemario de Chispas (Valle-Inclán and Xacobeo with drawings by Cairo, book of poems). 1997: Chazarel - Sonetario de los Pazos de Ulloa; book of poems with illustrations by Cairo, prologued by Professor José María Pérez Álvarez. 2000.- La Coruña. Estética Rítmica y Estática Plástica, 251 sonets. He collaborated in many literary magazines and newspapers. He is the secretary of the editorial staff of the magazine "Fidelidad" that is the official expression organ for the national Corps of Notary?s Officers .

 Other Interesting Aspects

Certificates, diplomas and prizes: -'Attestado di merito' at Accademia Ferdinandea in Catania, Italy (1993). -'U liotru di Catania' Prize, 1993. -'Catania e il suo vulcano' Prize, 1994. -'Diploma de la Corona de Argento' at the Accademia Internazionale di Ponzen, 1994. -Honourable academician with 'Palma d'Argento', October 1993. -'Diploma de bebenmenza de Gran Collare Académico' to the literary merit. -Honourable academician for Arts 'per l'alto valore culturale delie sue opere 1997' (Accademia Internationale Trinacria). -'Doctor honoris causa' in Literature at the Arts and Sciences Academy in Maos Dadas - San Lorenzo (Brazil). -He was also a member of the cultural group 'Galicia en Madrid', 1993.